Can it be done? The Proof

Right…we’ve said it can be done, and so have many others before us, and so will many after us. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

So we put our money where our mouth is. We have created the Straight Talk Where’s The Trade Challenge to prove that consistent and profitable trading is possible. This was not designed as a trade alert service. Neither was this designed as a pip counting exercise. And this is for the month of February 2012 only.

Reading the blog, you will see that:

1.) We can see trade setups hours ahead of them and be ready

2.) We must have the discipline to walk away when there are no trade setups

3.) We must have the trading psychology to manage the trades well

Here is the blog, time stamps and all:

For the month of February 2012, here are the trades mostly called on the hourly charts for the currency markets. It is currently the 17th of the month, and we have not yet had a losing day. Days with no trades, yes. Losing trades, definitely. But not losing days. Does that mean we never have losing days? Of course not. But it proves that if you trade profitably, consistency is possible.

We have focussed on the trade entries and managed the trades using (mostly) the most defensive tactics. That’s partly because of the intraday hourly nature that these particular trades are supposed to portray (our trades work on all timeframes, incidentally, but we didn’t want to do overly long or short ones). It’s also because, quite frankly, we wanted to use the method with higher probability but poorer risk-reward since the high probability is a big thing with most beginning to intermediate traders. If you follow our trades using the snapshots, you will find that many called tops and bottoms in the market and could have been juiced for many more pips using more aggressive techniques.

Now, could we have done more to verify our trades? Yes. Could we possibly have cheated the time stamp on the blog? Sure! But frankly, it’s a lot of work and we’re just too lazy to lie. These days, it’s possible to get all kinds of “verified” results which are still false, and so we take the stance that those who are going to believe us will, and those who aren’t going to believe us won’t. So be it. That’s as far as we will go to prove that we can do it. The question is, can you do it?

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