The Longest Testimonial on File!

Originally, we had not intended to use testimonials on this site because we believe in just giving you the straight talk. However, we really loved this one that a client gave our Head Trader Consultant because it explains what we do so well, so here it is, unedited:

“Each day meeting with Kaye enlighten me more in forex trading. His mentoring have instilled a strong confident in myself to execute trades correctly, with no hesitations like before and no worrying about losing trades if opened. My weak psychology which have caused me missing lots of good trades.

Kaye’s mentoring have very much helped me to see how the price is reacting. It has shown me that there are always trading chances in the market. I could see the trades start off with breakout, then, a smooth continuation of current trend, followed by a sign of market reversal or side way, or in any sequence of patterns. And yet there are opportunities to trades in any of the trends. And the best part is, there is usually a new trade right after the closing ¬†of an old trade. He have mentored me to trade in different kinds of markets and trends which give me capability to trade continuously.

Of course there are losing trades, no 100% winners. But Kaye have made me confidently closing a trade at loss when the price is against me and have let me see why it is a right decision to take a loss and how it helps to keep my account grows by taking up the losses. This has never happened to me. And it has helped me to loss lesser and have an easier come back.

My tradings have improved significantly. My profits has increased, and when there are loss trades I could recover with lesser efforts. These comes from the money management, and the comprehension and my acceptance of the concept of closing trades at a loss based on price action; plus scaling in (open more positions) when the trend and price is right. My ability to be more decisive and keeping to my trade strategies have prevented me from late or missed entries which usually bring me more profits.

Market is unpredictable, Kaye have given us the tools and ability to read the price action to trade according to current trend, and to certain extent, could expect where the coming price will go. This skill is vital for me to continue to do better and be successful in forex trading, because it gives me the ability to see whether my strategy works or not and how to handle a trade. The way Kaye let us get a feel of the market trend and price action through a EA assisted simulation on past data have increased our skill in seeing the price action moves in real time.

For only a fraction of the price which is not even half of the price
charged by other forex trading courses, Kaye’s mentoring is worth more than the price, he is teaching us the surviving skill in forex market, not just only the mechanism used to trade.

We are learning not just some strategies which are mechanical, but we are learning how to develop one eventually.

So far I have not met a forex master like Kaye who is willing to
deliver his knowledge and experiences very generously in such a simple to understand method. He messes up our mind and then, let all the pieces come together and sink in to our surprise. A very good way to remove old trading mentality and to create a new trading psychology.W. Gun

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